January 23, 2013

5773 - USA is Safe For Jews?

The more Shomer Shabbas (nowhere near it) I try to become the more I understand the need for control of anger.  As I learn about anger I also see the leftist personality creep into me, not on political level but on a personal emotional level. 

With the control of anger and the attempt to follow more and more statutes, the more modest and non-combative one becomes. This would seem to turn a Hawk to a Dove. 

But the truth is as I realize I don't hate Arabs or Muslims in any organized fashion...I also understand: kill them before they kill me. I believe it is the proper mix of these that creates a clear thinking Jew.

A Jew that can decide what is needed for the right reasons. Remember that Hitler took the weapons away first and that it also takes a very small percentage of a population to "rebel" or attack Us.

The people we surround ourselves with are not the enemy and they unlikely to give birth to the enemy. But we can only judge the rest by the actions we see from the outside. I assure you antisemitism is widespread and it is in the US and it is not shrinking. 

We are at 5733 and no more than 267 years remain. Lets try to make it shorter by Davening more. Otherwise make Aliyah if you can, when you can and don't fool yourself that the US is safe....

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