January 31, 2013

Modern Day Jewish Liberals Would Have Fallen to Maccabee Swords

Chanukah is not just about the miracle that a jar of oil to light the candelabra in the Jewish Temple lasted eight days instead of the one day it would normally last.

Chanukah is the commemoration of the courageous victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks that took not just eight days, but decades (it took over two decades before the Maccabees finally defeated the Greeks and the Hellenists and were victorious).

And it’s not just the miracle of the Maccabees defeating King Antiochus and his forces, it’s the spiritual fight that the Maccabees fought that left many Jews dead as well.

 Those Jews were the Hellenists who gave up traditional Judaism for something less spiritual, more material. And the Maccabees slaughtered many of them as well, as was their duty. Sadly, today, the Jewish people is dominated by Hellenism on steroids. Another phrase for them is “Obama voters.” These are JINOs–Jews In Name Only, who long ago gave up spiritual Judaism for liberalism and an “ethnic” or “cultural” Judaism that really isn’t historically or religiously Jewish, such as eating deli food, giving their lives for the rights of Blacks who hate them, and pandering to Muslims and hosting Israel-haters at synagogues. All of these Jews (Reform) would have been eliminated by the Maccabees, as they did then in order to reclaim Judaism from a virus of Hellenists.

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Modern Day Jewish Liberals Would Have Fallen to Maccabee Swords

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