March 8, 2012

The parallels with Hitler and Islam, and 1939 and 2012

It is frequently mentioned that Adolf Hitler admired Islam. The remark usually produced in evidence is from the book of his ‘table talk’, when over dinner his acolytes in the inner party hung on his every word.  That evening he said something to the effect that Charles Martel’s victory at Tours in 732 which stopped Islam’s advance into Western Europe was a tragedy. In his opinion had the Teutonic races received Islam with its war ethos at the very beginning they would have been the Masters of the Universe long since.
That Yasser Arafat’s uncle, Haj Amin al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem spent much of the war in Berlin where he was promised similar gas chambers to those working in Auschwitz for the Jews of North Africa and the Levant is not unknown. The Bosnian Muslim Handschar Division of the SS is also not unknown to the modern reader.
Some weeks ago a google search for something else threw up a tantalising quotation from a book published in the summer of 1939 which said “it has been decided to “convert” 25,000 Nazis to Mohammedanism. They will be organised in a newly-formed Moslem association, Jamait-e-Muslimin, which already has an understanding with the Mufti, a leader of the Palestinian Arabs.”
The quotation was from a book called The Attack from Within by Frederick Elwyn Jones. As he was Lord Chancellor in 1977 when I first joined the Civil Service and requested to be assigned to the Lord Chancellor’s Department I was already interested. The use of the term Mohammedan, and the old fashioned spelling of Moslem, stood out. I bought a second hand copy of the book.
It was one of a series that Penguin published called Penguin Specials which were on topics of urgent current interest designed to be published as quickly as possible after the manuscript was completed. In it Elwyn Jones, who at this time was a 30 year old barrister with experience of living in Germany, writes of German expansion and preparations for world domination, and the need for this expansion and the evils of Nazism to be stopped. The last authorities he gives for the evidence he submits (he used Hansard, The Daily Telegraph and The Manchester Guardian a lot) are dated late May 1939 so I imagine the book was published in early June, three months before the German invasion of Poland and the declaration of war on Germany.  One of the things he discusses is where the next German invasion/annexation will be after Austria and Czechoslovakia – Poland, Romania or Holland?

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