March 4, 2012

Israel: The ‘Apartheid State’ That Palestinians Keep Struggling To Enter

Prominent PLO spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi is demanding that the international community declare Israel an “Apartheid State.” Her demand was included in a statement she published in Ramallah this week, accusing Israel of incitement against Arabs and of violating international laws. How come she never mentions the incitement of Palestinians against Israelis in the Palestinian government-issued textbooks, or in the schools and summer camps named after terrorists, or in the government-controlled TV stations which just last week again glorified terrorists with video celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine [a group that over the years has killed dozens of Israelis, including many children]?
How come Ashrawi never mentions that in Saudi Arabia there is not only gender apartheid — in which women have virtually no rights and are kept as virtual prisoners, unable to travel without the permission of a male guardian or relative, even if he is a child or developmentally disabled or mentally handicapped — but also that there are separate roads marked for Muslims to drive on and for non-Muslims to drive on? One is not even allowed to bring a Bible into the country. How come those acts do not register as “Apartheid”?

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