February 3, 2012

A Post Election Message from Moshe Feiglin

Dear and Beloved Friends,

Before we wrap up the campaign, I owe all of you a huge personal thanks from the bottom of my heart. To push the faith-based alternative uphill, over long years and against all odds is a task that I could never have done alone. You, who see the vision and the destiny in front of your eyes; you, who are always ready and willing to make sacrifices to deal with the difficult and sometimes gloomy reality – you are the secret of our success.

You, who took a day off of work to drive voters from throughout the country to the polls; you, who stood in the cold and rain for hours and insisted on voting despite all the "tricks and shticks" employed to prevent you from doing so; you, who spent hours calling voters from your private phone, convincing them to vote Feiglin; you, who spent the entire day at the polls convincing voters, observing the vote and trying to deal with all the voting shenanigans that took place; you, who donated your hard-earned money to help our campaign; all of you and all of our supporters are the pioneers breaking the way, bearing the message of the faith-based revolution and the great hope for the Nation of Israel and its state.

At the end of this election campaign, our position is far better than it was before the elections. To sum up the elections: We Crossed the Green Line in a Big Way! (Editor: The Green Line refers to the pre-1967 borders of Israel.)

In absolute numbers, we doubled the votes that we received in the past election. Three quarters of the votes we received this time were from cities and towns throughout Israel. The faith-based alternative has become part and parcel of the National Camp. It has made its way to the fore, fighting to be recognized. One quarter of the Likud (without taking into account the election fraud that is unfortunately becoming apparent) is already there! This is the most momentous and significant achievement of these elections.

Despite very difficult opening conditions which no other person in the Likud dared take on, we ran a focused, ideological campaign. Thank G-d, we have emerged strengthened and full of positive energies.

For the first time, we ran against an incumbent, very strong PM. We had to deal with a totally obedient cabinet that stood behind him at all the rallies and in the media. We ran despite the fact that from the entire Knesset faction, not one person dared to step out of line and support me. We ran against colossal financial support for Netanyahu and a never-ending stream of text messages to the voters from Netanyahu, Minister Yuli Edelstein in Russian and the Executive Director of the Likud (while we had a budget for only one text message). We ran against a party machine that activated a well-oiled mechanism of mayors and Likud branches; we ran against a barrage of threats. In the face of all of this, every fourth Likud member in Bat Yam, Holon and Yavneh came forward and voted Feiglin.

As more and more proofs of voting fraud are coming in, we can safely say that it is very likely that the actual number of votes we received is significantly higher. But that is not the point. We must understand that just as the Land of Israel is acquired through suffering, so is the leadership of Israel. In this way, though, it is acquired for eternity.

The way ahead of us is still long, treacherous and complex. There are important lessons for us to learn, changes that need to be made and a new approach that we must adopt in the Likud. But there are three things that must be done immediately:

First: Sign up new members for the Likud. (Israeli citizens only. Click here  for the registration form). Each and every one of us can register two new people: a child who has reached the age of eighteen, a relative or friend who has become interested. This is our main task and it is simple and easy. You can even do it over the phone. Don't let the dust settle. Do your part now!

Second: Make any necessary changes in your Likud membership now. If your membership has become invalid for any reason, contact the Likud at 03-6210604 to determine the problem and the solution. In these elections, many people did not vote because they hadn't updated their new address and they could not make it back to their old Likud branch to vote. To update your address so that you will be able to vote near your home, simply do the following:

1. Photocopy your Israeli ID, including the part that shows your address.
2. On the photocopy, write "Please transfer me to the Likud branch near my home." Sign your request.
3. Fax your request to the Likud at 03- 621-0771.
4. Call 03-621-0604 to ensure that they received your fax.

Third and most important: Ride on the wave of the hearts that have been opened in this campaign and connect to your local Likud branch. This is the most authentic and honest way to make your mark. Learn from our supporters who have already done this: Emmanuel Gartel and friends in Petach Tikvah, Ze'ev Cohen and friends in Rosh Ha'ayin, Hagai Greentzeig and friends in Netanyah, Dmitri Parnas and friends in Haifa, Nitzah Kahane and friends in Jerusalem, Chaim Sartzik in Bnei Brak, Aryeh Sonneberg and friends in Beit Shemesh and many more throughout the country. In every place where these connections were made, we had tremendous election results.

Connection is the true secret. It is the name of the game. When we authentically connect with our fellow Jews, nobody can separate us from the faith and true will of the majority of the Israeli public.

May we merit to perfect the world in the Kingdom of Heaven,

Moshe Feiglin

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