February 22, 2012

Israeli Civil Administration capitulates

The Civil Administration capitulated to the dictates of the UN, Ezra
Nawi and Amira Hass

Yesterday night (Monday, February 20, 2012) policemen arrived at the
home of Nadia Matar of Women in Green and hung on the door an order
demanding to immediately evacuate trees on a piece of land that was
planted by Women in Green. The following was written in the order:
"Warning about the obligation to immediately evacuate land". They
added: "If you do not evacuate it by yourself by 22-2-2012 at 2:30pm,
the authorities will evacuate it and you may be charged for the fees
of their work."

A map was attached to the order. The map shows that they are talking
about the area of land in Netzer where Arabs, connected to
anti-Israeli organizations like the UN, Ezra Nawi and Amira Hass, have
been active. That area of land was till recently, according to all
maps, state land, and that is why Women in Green planted there, to
safeguard them from Arab take-over. But it seems that when there is
pressure by organizations like the UN, Ezra Nawi and a huge article in
Haarets by Amira Hass…the same area of land all of a sudden becomes
"private Arab land", the Jews become the "invaders" and they receive
eviction orders.

Women in Green leaders Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar immediately
contacted Attorney Doron Nir Zvi who sent, during the night, a letter
to the head of the Civil Adminstration, Motti Almoz, and to Attorney
Koby Avitsan of the prosecutors office at the Civil Administration,
claiming that since Women in Green has been holding on to that land
for more than 30 days, they have no right to implement evacuation
order 1472 against his clients.

This argument is of course not the main argument. The problem is much
more painful and deeper. As was written in numerous articles in Makor
Rishon, the Civil Administration is "infected" with leftism. Look, for
instance, at the Migron example, in which Arabs are pushed to claim
ownership on lands that are not theirs and in order to keep the quiet,
the Israeli authorities capitulate to the Arabs. The Civil
Administrations job is to safeguard the state lands and not to
safeguard the quiet, quiet that the Arabs use to steal the land. It is
simply outrageous that the Civil Administration can overturn the
status of lands and decide, because of outside pressure, that lands
that belong to the People of Israel, all of a sudden are declared
private Arab land!

If the pressure by anti-Israeli organizations brought the  Civil
Administration to cave in; it is important to have counter pressure.
Women in Green call upon all lovers of Israel to contact, today, the
Civil Administration and demand that they do not capitulate and do not
uproot the trees in Netzer; urging them to safeguard the lands that
belong to the Jewish People.

Fax number of Motti Almoz head of the Civil administration, 972-2-9977341

Faxes are very important. You can write in English, too.

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 22nd, at 2:30, the hour by which the
police told us we need to evacuate the trees, we will go to Netzer and
show a Jewish presence at the site. The public is invited.

For details:
Yehudit Katsover 050-7161818 Nadia Matar 050-550834

Women For Israel's Tomorrow  (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel

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