July 19, 2011

Non Secular Leftist Jews? Any such thing?

What I don't understand and never have, is the Lefts position that they don't believe in any biblical entitlement to Israel, yet they remain in Israel and advocate against her...or do so from the Galut.

If you were a Secular Jew, why on Earth (if you were not a Sabra)  would you care about Israel? It is not their, or their families birthplace. So why would they care? They have become part of the Erev Rav.

The left has to believe that if they become part of the world community that the world will protect them from Arabs? They really have no position other than the arabs are just as entitled to the land as Jews.

Kahane said it from the start...annex the land and evict the enemy. There was and is no other choice since....what has changed in 3500 years?

Michael Ben-Ari is Kahanist and MK....The right need to get behind him and the National Union to lead Israel ......or Feiglin..

Time appears to be running out...but then I thought that years ago!

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