July 25, 2011

Israel should drive the Palestinians into Jordan and Lebanon

The seemingly irresolvable situation has, however, a
solution. Israel should drive the Palestinians into Jordan and Lebanon and treat the other Arabs with kind indifference but react with cruelty to any
violation of her interests. Negotiators know an opponent is
much more likely to give way if pressured from the beginning
and then offered a way out.
Machiavelli left a message to future generations. He disdained government force and war; he admired just, wise rulers. He considered murder and deceit
distasteful but natural, but like a good surgeon, he saw the
need to do repulsive and painful things quickly and effectively.
It is better to live and let live, but if you decide on territorial
expansion and war, at least do it knowledgeably. Politics is a cold-blooded game with no place for moralizing and hesitation for the victors. Be coherent and
single-minded; smother the weakness of humanism, and
weaken the enemy by inducing him to act according to moral
rules while you disregard them as fiction, inapplicable in crises.
Israel has yet to accept and adopt the truth of warfare.

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