July 15, 2011

Anti-Semitism on Ballot in SF? Galut is ending?

On the ballot 9/18 in San Francisco The first attempt to promote Anti-Semitism in the US will be featured. This will be a sort of  landmark decision. 

The debate over circumcising baby boys

New Zealand bans Kosher slaughter

Netherlands to vote on law banning slaughter of meat by halal and kosher methods

These are rituals of the most basic variety for Jews.Hitler did these types of things and the fact that it even made a vote in SF is very telling. The clock is ticking. As the economy worsens the Goy will look to the moneychangers to blame...always have and always will.

Don't kid yourself, you have the ability to research and discover the truth for yourself!
German Jews in 1938 could not.

Shabbat Shalom!
May we gather ever tighter as a group and don't be fooled by those Xtians who favor replacement theology.





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