October 30, 2014

Jerusalem has been abandoned. The Temple Mount is being defiled.

Yehuda Glick's blood is screaming for the implementation of Israel's
Sovereignty in Jerusalem and for the application of Israeli
Sovereignty over all of Eretz Yisrael!

The public is asked to pray for Yehuda's recovery: Yehuda Yehoshua Ben
Rivka Ita Breindel

 Terrorist deliberately targets leading advocate for Jewish Temple Mount rights, leaving Glick seriously injured.

Yehuda Gilck, a leading advocate for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, has been very seriously wounded after being shot in Jerusalem on Wednesday night, Arutz Sheva has learned.
Glick was shot outside the Begin Heritage center in the capital, witnesses said, after a terrorist pulled up in a scooter or motorcycle and shot him before fleeing the scene.
Initial reports are indicating that Glick - who founded and heads the LIBA Initiative for Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount - was deliberately targeted for nationalistic reasons, but police have not yet officially announced a motive.
The Begin Center had been hosting an event to help in efforts to re-establish a greater Jewish presence on the Mount Wednesday night, just before the activist was shot.
He has been rushed to Sha'arei Tzedek Medical Center for immediate medical treatment.
Magen David Adom (MDA) spokesman Zaki Heller said that Glick was shot in the upper body no fewer than three times and paramedics had barely had time to speak to him during the initial stages of treatment. 

Video of Yehuda speaking prior to the shooting


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