October 29, 2014

5775 From the Galut - MOT Status

1) World is turmoil:

A) Middle East ....ISIS, Terrorism, Oil, Jordanian UNRWA Refugees, Climate Change?, Racism,

B) Putin

C) North Korea

D) Islam

E) Ebola

F) Feckless UN

G) Obama

So it is 5775 and lets focus om the World from a Jewish perspective:

Israel - Strong and vibrant, without torah leadership and still trying to be one of the Nations and not the light. The Coalition shifted to the right, but the polices are not quite up to par

A)  Settlements - build baby build

B)  Rock throwers - shoot them...then they will stop

C) Jerusalem is the capital - Enforce it!

D) Arabs - Expel all Arabs from Judea, then Samaria, then Israel proper, then Gaza...Deliver them ALL to Jordan. If they are willing to move home...give them bus tickets and a check otherwise round them up and deport them. This will clean up the Knesset.

E) US - tell them that loan guarantees are not needed and then we can build our own SUPERIOR tanks and planes. Tell them there embassy has to be in Jerusalem and that we are expelling the Arabs and encouraging Aliyah.

F) Temple Mount - Immediate proclamation that Israel is in charge and that the Temple Mount restoration will begin, including removing any illegal buildings on that property. Then the 3rd Temple will be built.....enter Moshiach.

G) Each child will get a Jewish education and the laws of Torah will be enforced = no bus,train etc on Shabbos...violators of these rules will be financially fined. No pork will be allowed in etc....

H) - Manhigut Yehudit

The Ultimate Objective: Redemption
Since the Nation of Israel was born, its ultimate aspiration has been the coming of Mashiach and the complete and final redemption. Unlike the very partial goals of modern Zionism (safe-haven, peace, international recognition, etc.) the goal of redemption is all-inclusive and redefines the motivation for the return of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel. It illuminates the life of the Nation with a new light, content and consciousness – for the individual and for the whole.
Our Sages have defined various stages in the process leading to redemption. These stages include establishing sovereignty, waging war against Israel’s mortal enemies, building the holy Temple on the Temple Mount and the ingathering of the exiles. The culmination of the redemption process is, of course, the Messianic era, when the world will be rectified and united in its service of G-d.

A Jewish State must have a clear and solid Jewish identity; not necessarily a religious identity, but a cultural identity. We oppose religious legislation. Instead, let us allow the Jewish cultural common denominator to freely develop. There is no law requiring circumcision but the vast majority of Jews – observant and non-observant – circumcise their baby sons. This principle can be applied to other religious legislation, as well. If the community desires, it should be able to institute  privately provided public transportation on Shabbat. The same goes for commerce on Shabbat. We can rely on the Jews, who, by a vast majority – more than 80% – are deeply connected and committed to their Jewish identity. Coercion elicits an  opposite reaction. We must highlight and empower our Jewish identity by removing the barriers of fear and coercion, allowing the true will of the majority to be expressed in fashioning our national Jewish identity.

Iran - still working on its Nuke program. 

Syria - A Civil War

Egypt - Sort of up in the air...Neutral for now...

Lebanon - Syria is busy and Hezbollah is paused...

Jordan - terrified that the UNRWA refugees will come home

Africa - Ebola, Famine...the usual..

Russia - Putin is just the USSR being the USSR

Malaysia - still looking for the plane that is probably in Pakistan.

India - To many people

China - Computer, Economic Warfare and treating humans badly.

Australia - Creeping Sharia and anti-semitism from the former prison colony....

South America - turned their food into petrol, kidnappings, drugs, exporting children to US...

Mexico - running to the US ...or are they?

Canada - First terror just happened in Ottawa, lets see what the people that are straight forward do...NO PC BS I would assume.

Ukraine - Never forget Babi Yar - forget Ukraine...they are all yours Putin.

North Korea - Dear leader, Nukes, starving own people, eating and exporting dogs for food....

Germany - many, many secular Jews are moving to Berlin....guess they don't have to worry about the Redemption wormholes by being secular

Austria & Poland - still think its 1942

Lithuania - cemetaries and nothing

Spain - offers citizenship after the expulsion of 1492. I think Columbus (the Jew) left for the new world on the same days the Jews had to leave by...hmmmm


To be continued!

Shalom Shalom

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