August 7, 2014

The Hamas "Miracle"....

The Hamas Miracle

The Hamas Miracle

How did a terrorist organization sworn to Israel’s destruction, using human shields, firing rockets at populated areas become the good guys and Israel the bad?

A lot of my religious friends are talking about miracles. “How can it be?” They say. “Thousands of rockets are raining down on Israel! The number of dead should be much higher! The amount of damage is minimal!”
And they are right. It is miraculous. Rockets miss their targets. They miss populated areas. The wind blows them off course.
My friends argue about the Iron Dome, too. “MIT said Iron Dome doesn’t work. Too many rockets slip through, and yet – a miracle – they miss their targets. Iron Dome’s failures are a sure sign of God’s love.”
They even quote Hamas. “Our rockets are good,” says Hamas. “Obviously their God loves them.”
Wow. Impressive.
But you should be confused. Why does God wait until the last minute to make miracles? Is it a game? The greater miracle would be a peaceful or cooperative Hamas. Or no more war. Wouldn’t it? God runs the world. Why can’t He make peace?

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