August 7, 2014

Missing Rocket Photos

The Mysterious Missing Rocket Photos

The Mysterious Missing Rocket Photos

Journalists in Gaza are intimidated and threatened by Hamas.

In preparing this article for publication, I went online looking for photos of missiles being launched by Hamas. I flipped through a slideshow at the Los Angeles Times, which features 99 images from the current conflict.
Incredibly, there was not a single photo of Hamas fighters, nor of the 3,000 Hamas rockets fired in the past month. Not even a single caption mentions the word "Hamas"!
How about the "newspaper of record," the New York Times?
Also none.
Here we are, in the midst of a major international conflict being covered by thousands of media personnel. Hamas is launching 100 missiles a day, and there are 15,000 Hamas fighters roaming the Gaza Strip. How can it be there are no photos of Palestinian rocket crews or missiles being fired?

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