May 6, 2014

Multiculturalism = The end of Donald Sterling and Western Civilization?

Donald Sterling past speaks for itself.
I am not trying to defend an individual regarding his NBA lifetime ban etc.

Multiculturalism is the problem, that will end Western Civilization.
 "Islamophobia” is treated as a serious offense by the multi-culturalists.

Expressing disrespect for the majority population in a Country just fine, though.

The point of the NBA's action has to be seen in the light of its trigger.

Donald Sterling has received punishment due to his private phone calls taped without his permission and then publicized by TMZ etc.

What he said is relevant if it includes any legal actionable statements. Threats, admissions of a crime etc. In this case he displayed his feeling toward minorities, while not condoned in any way... they are his personal private opinions. These opinions are no surprise to the NBA or those that know him. So what is new?

What is the difference between a Bigot and a Racist?

Can't you be a bigot and not a Racist?

I can only assume that none of these leaders in the black community have never uttered any negative stereotype words against non-Blacks or they would understand that what they said in private, although not revealed would be no less bigoted than Sterling.
The big difference is the private conversation was released.

This feels like a multiculturalistic feeding frenzy.


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