April 30, 2014

The ominous feeling of danger - Avi

May 1, 2014 - Diaspora

Update from the Galut.

1)   Anti-Semitism is on the rise...everywhere
2)   Muslims are taking over Europe...baby by baby and immigrant by immigrant as you read this!
3)   The so called "Flotilla" to provide aid to the so called "Palestinians"
4)   Obama is the POTUS and is clearly anti-Israel
5)   The economy in the US is grinding to a slow methodical halt.
6)   The Government of Israel remains feckless and secular.
7)   Assimilation seems to be increasing...
8)   Muslims are using Western and Democratic laws to gain a foothold in the US. The birthrate concept, could threaten this Democracy.
9)   The divisions in Judaism are clearly helping Assimilation.
10) The issue in the Galut of the US - "American Jew" or "Jewish American" seems to be based solely on the belief in HaShem. Whether or not I follow the statutes 100%...has personal consequences. As a Jewish American I care about Israel and want a non secular Government ...even if it will affect me if (when)  I make Aliyah...by setting rules that may require me to be more Observant! I welcome the LAWS!
11) Iran remains the largest threat to the entire World and Israel is clearly it's first target.
12) The Anti-Semitism that is here is beneath the surface...not to far beneath. There are probably more people who are not racist...but there are so many more people in general...that there are more racists as well.
13) The black community in the US are not only driving while Black...they are (fill in the blank ) while Black.
Generally speaking even though Black people in the US do not consider Jews to be White...we are certainly not their friend or ally.
14) Xtians want us gathered to Israel for the Rapture, Hezbollah wants us gathered to make the targeting easier, Baptists want us Baptist , Presbo's want us gone, Employers still want us as Lawyers, Accountants and Dr's, Jewish Americans want Moshiach to come, Amercan Jews want us all to get along, PEACE at all costs (including Israel) and so on.

15) The more I look at the Map in the US the more I see where we live..and I know why. The Southern Jews are mostly in Fl, becasue we all know that Fl is not part of the south...the rest are nuts.
16) The more we try to hold our culture in the US...the more we will be accused of...of...of.... not Assimilating and have our loyalty questioned!

 So it is a lose, lose....If we Assimilate...we become extinct and if we don't Assimilate there will be many who want to make us extinct.

The World is clearly against Israel.
Based on belief in Hashem and the Redemption....this is the way it is supposed to be before Moshiach comes.

So what will happen in the Galut? Will it start here first?

I am ready for the worm hole unless I make Aliyah soon!

Baruch Hashem
Payback will be a B*tch


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