April 15, 2014

Circumcision - adopted by Gentiles for Health Reasons...

The recent spat of Eurabian Countries that wish to ban Circumcision only have on reason - Anti-Semitism.

It has long been known to be a large Health benefit.:

"The authors conclude that the benefits — among them reduced risks of urinary tract infection, prostate cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and, in female partners, cervical cancer — outweigh the risks of local infection or bleeding. Several studies, including two randomized clinical trials, found no long-term adverse effects of circumcision on sexual performance or pleasure.
One cost-benefit analysis that considered infant urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases found that if circumcision rates were decreased to the 10 percent typical in European countries, the additional direct medical costs over 10 years of births would be more than $4.4 billion."


There is no other reason, but the interesting part of the article says that Eurabian Countries only use circumcision at a rate of 10%...hmmmm.

So they really just want to start restricting Jews...

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