January 17, 2012

Vote for Feiglin - For Jewish Education

Nothing can more decisively outline in stark detail the contrast and contradiction between authentic Judaism and the gentilized Hellenism that challenges it than the secular university.  The very basis of the university, with its concept of total academic freedom and open marketplace of ideas (and let us not, for the moment, discuss the fraud that this is in actuality), runs counter to Judaism with its absolute truths.

But even for those liberal and secular Jews who choose the university ideal over that of Judaism, what is happening at Hebrew University should be cause for deep soul-searching on the part of any contributor and supporter of that institution.  For I say, with absolute conviction, that Hebrew University (in common with other institutions of “higher learning” in Israel), more than any other single source, is the producer of the greatest danger to Israel’s body and soul . . .

In simple, basic language: the group that now represents the Arab students at Hebrew University, the 1,150 Arab students – all whom are Israeli citizens – who study at the Hebrew University, the 1,150 Israeli Arab students who study there thanks to Israeli taxpayers and, but more important, thanks to the American contributors to Hebrew University is a group that calls for the elimination of Israel and its replacement with “Palestine.”  That this should cause shock waves in Israel is yet one more cause for weeping and for appreciation of the massive damage done to the Jewish people and state by the news media of Israel.

. . . And the Jews pay for their destruction.  Every Jew who gives to American Friends of Hebrew University or Haifa University or Tel Aviv University pays for those Arab intellectuals who dream of leading the struggle to destroy the Jewish state.

Rabbi Meir Kahane - 1990

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