January 17, 2012

Is the Moshiachs "clock" ticking? YUP!

Where do we stand as a Nation? The Nation of Israel.
Israel always stands in the same place amongst the Nations...not amongst the Nations.
So, since we trust in no man and only in HaShem, What signs are there, that as a Nation we are moving forward towards helping ot bring or to be ready for the Moshiach?

What signs are there in the world that end times approach? Strictly on a non-Secular basis, many things seem to indicate that the Jewish Nation is well on the way and the only question remains as to whether we will be gathered painlessly or through worm holes....

Just the repeated survival of Israel should be proof enough. The stories of battlefield miracles abound.
The Matzav in Israel now, indicates a great clash of religious and secular values or lack there of.

How we define the Jewish Nation? Who is a Jew? Do we defend Israel with military or are we supposed to be forever passive?

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