August 30, 2011

5772 and the same old.....same old?

Hello from the Galut of NY State.

The economy seems to be failing, slower than recently.
It's like the a storm that rips through the trees after the large storm that ripped through the trees....
All of the weak branches have fallen. What is left are those more economically stable and/or with more
fallback or the self employed that have simply tightened their belts hoping to weather the storm.

There is a Presidential election creeping towards us and the GOP with pick some appointed Xtian candidate to represent the old boy network. The Dems with probably run with the incumbent BHO. Will BHO even have to try to get elected if the opposition continues to present a non-minority etc candidate?

Will Jonathan Pollard get a pardon from the second chance POTUS? He thinks everyone else deserves a second chance and government safety nets etc....But of course Jonathan is a Jew and there is no doubt in my mind that the POTUS is top 5 largest Anti-Semites on the Planet (Hello Soros) .So, no dice!

When will Israel cut the purse-strings of the US?
When will the Israeli's take care of Eretz Yisrael, so I go home?

Can Michael Ben-Ari lead the Kahane charge?
Will he?
How can he?

Can Ben-Ari and Feiglin forge a Coalition?

Who can tell me?


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