May 22, 2011

Obama - Worst POTUS ever?

I thought it a unlikely any POTUS could be worse than Carter. If BHO gains a second term he will instantly become more toxic to Jews than even Carter.

What were American Jews thinking? The usual humanistic PC crap.
How could any sane Jew think Obama is not an Anti-Semite Mooslim?

Taqqiya and Kithman - Mooslim "principles" that clearly show why you
can trust no Mooslim...ever! They follow the Grand Pirates laws and
will do anything to dominate the world.

Is Obama the Manchurian Candidate? Of course he is,  Edward Said & his 20
year "Reverend" ......

Get your passports in order and transfer any weath you can to a friend or relative in Israel.
If Obama stays it could get nasty!


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