May 9, 2011

Competing visions of ‘Never Again’

Our World: Competing visions of ‘Never Again’
By CAROLINE B. GLICK, Jerusalem Post  May 3, 2011

Caroline strikes a chord in the usually spot on way, about
what I call "Post Holocaust Syndrome" PHS.
She talks about how Jews fell into 2 camps about how to deal with post WW2.

PHS dictates silently and loudly much of Israel's policy
when it comes to how she treats the worlds opinions and
pressures. PHS is in the background of my life whether I see it or realize it daily.
PHS is the inescapable possibility that still seems impossible.

Everything that is done, planed, evaluated etc...always comes down to that
old saying "Is it good for the Jews?". Or what will the Gentiles think or how will they react?

This is done on an individual, community, or State of Israel basis. Every day.
Never again is with us ....always and as Matisyahu said:

"They come overseas, yes they're trying to be free
Erase the demons out of our memory
Change your name and your identity
Afraid of the truth and our dark history
Why is everybody always chasing we
Cut off the roots of your family tree
Don't you know that's not the way to be"

He is right. Kahane was right. Never Again is right. As long as the Jew hides or runs or allows people to treat them badly because they are could or will happen again!

The Country of Israel....why do we not refer to Israel as a Country? Is it not?

PHS dominates our lives even those that have run away or tried to turn their back on their heritage.

Bibi is not strong enough to  stand up to Labor...much less Wash. DC.
Faith based leadership is crucial. Feiglin seems like the guy!
His vision is less restrictive then mine...but then again
he lives in Eretz Yisrael and I in the Galut!

Meir Kahane was the single most important influence on the Jewish people.
His influence on the USSR to let our people go has never been treated with the
historical notation it deserves!

Kahane Tzadak!


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