April 5, 2011

Israel's requirement from HaShem

Why do we have so many splintered ideas? Our outline is Torah. Our King is HaShem.
What we need to do is clear. Why do we as a people not speak out? What are we afraid of?
They didn't bomb the trains. The pogroms were allowed to happen. Blood libel is never punished.
Moneychangers and scapegoats, the hurdles we were given to simply have the opportunity to speak out and defend ourselves...but most importantly defend HaShem. That is all this about.
The Reform movement is getting anew "Head Rabbi" - Jacobs....and he is board member of J STREET!
OMG, they are nuts. I was born to a Reform family and Temple. These guys are exiting Judaism. There kids marry out and their children wear crosses! Scary!
We are pressuring the wrong people. Instead of fighting the Arab/Moooslim/Goyim Propaganda....we need to pressure Bibi and the Knesset to do the right thing. We need to create social action groups in the Galut to help the Right in Israel make Israel the Jewish state and give up the humanist nonsense.
We need to consolidate our bond drive money and tree money and all of the $$ we send to Israel and use it to control some results...The Israeli Government is the problem. They are weak, secular politicians. We need to get Manhigut Yehudit in power with Feiglin or National Union or.... Whomever will enforce the will of the Israeli people, directed by Torah and HaShem.  Take back the Temple Mount - retake Gaza, Judea and Samaria, annex them. Start expelling Arabs and deporting all displaced "Refugees" with passports to their country of origin (Jordan).
World opinion is irrelevant, it is all Goldstone and Moooslim. The problem is we don't stand up for Israel in the Galut. All we ever do is try to motivate Jews to justify Israels right to exist. Enough of this weak effort to be accepted, it is far past time to only listen to HaShem and clear the land already! Get rid of the thorns!
No more smooth, nice talk. No more money need be accepted. Don't tell the US anything...just do what needs to done and ignore monetary threats. Build our own Merkava's and Jets! Enforce the laws without preference to not causing the Arabs trouble! No more foreign Arab workers!
Kahane Tzadak!

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