May 16, 2008

Moshe Feiglin, what is your security strategy

My security platform is based first and foremost on the justice of our cause. As soon as we lost our feeling of justice, we brought terror and additional security threats upon ourselves. Once, my reserve army unit was able to keep order in all of Shechem. Today, all the elite units put together cannot do so, because we do not believe that we are right.

I believe that true Jewish leadership can significantly reduce the amount of forces needed for security because we will once again make our enemies feel threatened. Israel's security policy must be aggressive (as when Begin attacked Iraq's nuclear reactor ), and not a policy of defensive walls, separation fences, bullet proof vehicles and Arrow missiles.

We must strive for a standing army that is strictly voluntary. If something is threatening our country, we must attack and not relay existential dangers to the coming generations because we feared to deal with them.

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