May 16, 2008

Israel, Gog, and Magog

So the world celebrates the 60th anniversary of Israel, yet they come to visit on wrong date, the date in the Gregorian calender. Israel celebrated the week prior.
One small sign of the worlds ignorance or a sign of their indifference?

Like the US, Canada and Cuba indifference to the S.S. St Louis.
That indifference basically sentenced the passengers to death

When it comes to Israel the world can't be trusted. I can't think of a single example
when Israel was not brought in by the back door or excluded completely.

Mr Bush is in Israel and seems to have given on his road map. He hopes there is
an independent terrorist state next to Israel for the 120 year Anniversary.

Pastor John Hagee leads the evangelical Christians to embrace the Jews worldwide and to help lead them to their Rapture. This of course includes the part where all Jews must convert to Christianity or be "left out" (DIE). This is of course after the War of Gog and Magog.

Read Yechezkel (Ezekiel) - Chapter 38 from chabad's site.

You figure out the Gog and Magog players...Persia is an easy one.
Is Mr Bush or Mr Putin alluded to?

What do you think?
What needs to be done?
Will giving up more of Jerusalem make it better or worse.
Does anyone have the right to give up any part of Biblical Israel?

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