December 26, 2016

Israels Pre-Emptive Verbal Strike

Before the Psycho, and his surrogate Kerry deliver the most anti-Semitic statement ever uttered by any member of the US Government, Israel must make clear the Two State Solution and the UN are DEAD.

Israel must advise the World that the Oslo Accords are Void and annex Judea, Samaria and then begin to retake Gaza and annex it as well,  dismantle the PA.

G-d commanded Israel to possess all the Land of Israel. No Israeli citizenship to the Arabs, because Israel is a Jewish state, only Jews can be citizens of Israel.
This is not racism, because any person may convert to Judaism.

ASAP, Israel must expel the Arabs from its territory, G-d commanded Israel to expel the other inhabitants of the Land of Israel. Arabs must leave Israel to return to their own land, which is Jordan.

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