July 16, 2014

MK Moshe Feiglin: Don't Enter Gaza, Cut Off Electricity, Supplies

Moshe Feiglin: Why is Israel Still Supplying Electricity, Water and Food to Gaza?

Why is Israel still supplying electricity, water and food to Gaza?
Our enemy is not only the Hamas. It is the entire population that supports the terror organization, proudly displays three fingers to celebrate the kidnapping of our boys and gives out candies when they are murdered.

As long as we continue to bury our heads in the sand and do not exact a price from the populace that calls for Israel’s destruction, we will continue to live under a constant threat to our existence. Not one Israeli soldier has to step foot in Gaza! We do not even have to bomb empty homes and lots. All we have to do is turn off their electricity, water, food and medical supplies until they are down on their knees. Until they dismantle all their missiles and weapons. We can also provide an outlet for all those Gazans who wish to leave for a different country. But those who insist on providing civilian support for the missiles raining down on Israel can pay the price.

Israel must make it clear to the residents of Gaza and the entire world that the key to their basic necessities is with us – but dependent on them.

If there are no missiles in Gaza – they will have food and electricity.
If there are missiles in Gaza and calls for Israel’s destruction – no food, no electricity.

Pictured: Israeli trucks crossing into Gaza with supplies

Gaza functions as a terror state due to Israel’s benevolence. Its population deserves no special privileges.

The demand for the dismantling of all the weapons in Gaza is legitimate and practical – if Israel decides that it really wants to triumph.

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