May 17, 2012

Anti Semitism - Hungary - March 2012.

Attached poster describes A local "hunk" in uniforms, fairly similar to the SS, holding a "small" Jew by his hairs. The little Jew is ugly, his face distorted and has a hooked nose and trembling with fear.
The pockets are designed to express that Jews have "Pockets full  of money".
In case you are wondering, the poster is not from Germany, in the years of 1932 to 1945, but it is printed now, tens of thousands of copies all over Hungary (Date Picture - March 2012).
Yes, anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews is rearing its head, and so began the roots that led to the Holocaust of the Jewish people.
So anyone who does not understand what we're doing here, and how we should refer to our only homeland,
you better understand:  "A Second Holocaust will not happen"!  This is the best reminder.

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