April 19, 2012

Celebrate Israel Parade - NYC - June 3, 2012 - Sunday

About the Parade:
In 1964, thousands walked down Riverside Drive in support of the young State of Israel.  This impromptu walk evolved into the Salute to Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue.  It has become the world’s largest gathering in celebration of Israel attracting worldwide media. The Parade enables the tri-state community to celebrate in a non-partisan, apolitical show of unity with Israel.

Celebrate Israel Parade:

In 2011 it was decided to change the name of the Parade in order to focus on celebrating the vibrant and diverse country of Israel. The Parade features over 30,000 marchers representing many organizations.  Hundreds of thousands enthusiastic spectators gather to watch American and Israeli community leaders and dignitaries, entertainers, artists, musicians, dancers, celebrities, floats and marching bands.

2012 Creative ThemeIsrael Branches Out…

For our Marching Groups and Clusters the Celebrate Israel Parade is a year-long Israel education effort using a creative theme. Each Group or Cluster works with the Parade staff to develop a creative presentation with colorful banners, costumes and props in a show of unity and pageantry.The participants will learn about Israel as it relates to: flowers, blossoming, being fruitful, growing, going out on a limb, branching out into (hi-tech), stem-ming the tide of …., trees, plants, agricultural models, finding our roots, seeds etc. and they will bring a Garden of Delight to Fifth Avenue!

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